Robot Shipments to North American Companies Hit All-time High

Robot Shipments to North American Companies Hit All-time High

Last year, more non-automotive companies installed robots than ever before, according to new statistics from the Robotic Industries Association (RIA), that is a part of the Association for Advancing Automation. Robots were shipped to North American companies in record numbers due to ever-growing needs in industries all over the country.

Growth in many areas of industry

Comparing numbers from last year to the year of 2017. there has been a significant change in the amount of units that were shipped to North America. In 2018, 35,880 units were shipped, a 7% increase over 2017. Shipments to non-automotive companies grew 41% to 16,702 shipments for the year.  That growth came in several different areas such as food and consumer goods (48%), plastics and rubber (37%), life science (31%), and electronics (22%).

Lower percentage in automotive industry

Shipments to the automotive industry did slow down, with 19,197 units shipped to North American automotive OEM and tier supplies customers in 2018 – a 12% decline from 2017.

The automotive industry reached its lowest percentage since 2010. with just 53% of share of total robots shipments.

A3 president Jeff Burnstein said that the automotive industry “has always led the way in implementing robotics in North America”. However, he highlighted the fact that many other industries are using robotics in theirs everyday operations. “As we’ve heard from our members and at shows such as Automate, these sales and shipments aren’t just too large, multinational companies anymore. Small and medium-sized companies are using robots to solve real-world challenges, which is helping them be more competitive on a global scale.”

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