Electric Vehicles Spark Debate at the World Truck Show

Electric Vehicles Spark Debate at the World Truck Show

The annual World Truck Show was held by the The National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) in Indianapolis beginning this month. During one of the festival activities, known as the Green Truck Summit, a one-day summit that is usually packed with panels and speakers discussing topics related to making vehicles greener. However, this year there seemed to be only one topic worth discussing: electrification.

Electrification – challenges that lie ahead

Every panel set up to discuss electrification, alongside those what were not supposed to, such as a panel on how last mile delivery was changing vehicle design, quickly shifted off to focus on electric delivery vehicles.

However, the electric revolution may not be happening as quickly as we think. That came out a common theme through every discussion that was held. Speakers repeated challenges to the electrification of the nation’s vehicle fleet, from infrastructure concerns to range limitations to uncertain electricity costs.

Solutions offered at the Summit

Several companies, including Freightliner, which showed off its eM2 Class 7 electric truck at the show, pointed out that many vehicles are still several years away and technology advancements may solve some of these issues before then. The eM2 is slated for production in 2021.

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