National Work Zone Awareness Week – 7 Trucking Safety Tips

National Work Zone Awareness Week – 7 Trucking Safety Tips

National Work Zone Awareness Week is taking place in Washington D.C. from 8-12 April. This year’s kick-off event is hosted by the District Department of Transportation on April 9, at the Frederick Memorial Douglass Bridge.

Prior to this year’s NWZAW, the Federal Highway Administration reports that about every three days there is a fatal work zone crash involving a large truck in the U.S. Adding to that, the roadside is considered to be one of the most dangerous places to work by the law enforcement.

7 tips to trucking safely through road construction

Last November, PrePass shared some tips on work zones in which they highlighted 7 tips that will lead to a safer drive through road construction:

  • Be patient;
  • Keep your distance;
  • Read the signs;
  • Watch out for workers;
  • Merge safely and early;
  • Obey the reduced speed limit sign;
  • Signal others what’s ahead.

Aside from that, roadside activity, such as law enforcement assisting motorists, parents accompanying children on a roadside potty break or drivers swapping seats demands awareness as well. When there is a road activity, you should check if your left-hand lane is open, signal your intentions, and move over to give others the space they need to be safe.

Highway safety demands increased awareness when work zones and roadside activity unexpectedly bring people and machinery into harm’s way. Therefore, the National Work Zone Awareness Week is a reminder to highway travelers and work zones workers that safety demand enhanced vigilance as people and machinery engage in work immediately adjacent to busy roads.

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