Stretching Tips for Truck Drivers

Stretching Tips for Truck Drivers

Considering the fact that the trucking industry is based on the sedentary lifestyle, regular stretching can be an essential part of any fitness routine. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), if you stretch out on a regular basis, it can improve your flexibility and may help limit the discomfort of being stuck in a confined space.

Perfect timing for stretching

In general, stretch when your muscles are already warm. If you’re only stretching and not doing a more vigorous workout, then start with a few minutes of easy walking to get your muscles warmed up before you stretch. This enables your muscles to stretch farther without being hindered by tightness or pain.

Timelapse of every stretching

Once you get into the proper stretching position, you should repeat each and every exercise 3-5 times during each session, moving slowly and smoothly within that position. In order to start with the stretching, hold each stretch for about 10 seconds. Once you feel you can hold more, it arises up to 30 seconds for every stretch.

Safe way to stretch

Stretching is all about breathing. Start by relaxing and breathing normally, and push your breath out slowly through your mouth. The American Heart Association recommends to Slowly count to or time yourself for 10-30 seconds. As you stretch, breathe normally.

Other recommendations include making sure that your stretches are always smooth and slow, that you reach farther into each exercise as your flexibility improves, and that you always keep your joints slightly bent.

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