PFJ Mid-trip Free Inspections

PFJ Mid-trip Free Inspections

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s annual International Roadcheck inspection will take place on June 4-6. To help truck drivers prepare for next month’s CVSA International Roadcheck inspection blitz, free mid-trip inspections are offered by the Pilot Flying J at its service center locations through June 7. PJF’s mid-trip inspections are normally $50.

PFJ Truck Care Recommendations

In addition to having a mid-trip inspection done, PFJ Truck Care also offers truckers the following recommendations:

  • Check your vehicles often. Issues with the vehicle can be found by the pre-trip and post-trip inspections. Bad brakes or lights are easy to spot and easy to fix.
  • Preventive maintenance should be kept up with the proper lubrication. By doing this at set intervals, you can prolong the life of any moving part.
  • Tires should be checked for irregular wear. A telltale sign of a steering and suspension issue could occur if a tire is not wearing evenly.
  • Noises should not be ignored. In many cases. an issue in the steering system can be heard before it is seen. Something bigger can come up if a whining steering box or a popping king pin or tie rod end are ignored.

Drivers can download the Pilot Flying J app or check PFJ’s website to find participating service center or roadside assistance locations.

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