How to stay fit on long truck rides? Million miles, million push-ups!

How to stay fit on long truck rides? Million miles, million push-ups!

As you’re probably very well aware, truck driving is not an easy job. 

In fact, it requires long hours sitting down, with a complicated sleeping schedule, where both the body and the mind of a truck driver need rest in order to function properly.

However, aside from resting enough, truck drivers need to be in good shape, as spending long hours in one position can be detrimental for their health, which is why Knuck fitness gear can be just what you need in order to stay fit on long rides.

KNUCK Fitness Gear – everything you need to stay in shape on the go

KNUCK Fitness Gear represents a unique concept shaped as a flexible workout accessory, that you can combine in different settings, which is ideal for truck drivers. 

It is perfect for any fitness combination on the go, thanks to its’ angled ergonomic design, comfort grip and a soft, premium material that enables you to perform your workout session on any surface. 

Thanks to its design, the fact it protects your hands while working out and it’s easy to carry, any driver can rest assured they have a reliable gear to work out on long journeys and time consuming drives.

If you are a truck driver who wishes to stay in shape, join the army of active drivers who maintain a healthy lifestyle on the road with KNUCK Fitness Gear!

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